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Few Words About Us

Booker T Washington


Booker's Dude Ranch was founded by Booker T Washington as a place for horseman to gather and house their horses for trail rides and cot racing.  Booker T was born in 1923 in Overton, Texas.  He grew up in the country riding horses that belonged to family and friends.  When he finally got old enough to buy his own horse, he never stopped.  He would spend his entire day breaking, grooming, training, and riding horses.  He also participated in Cart Racing and won many trophies at the now closed, Pineywoods Downs.  His favorite horses were Missouri Fox Trotters and Tennessee Walkers.  He flew to New York to have the pure sterling silver saddle (pictured) of his dreams made and brought back to East Texas.  He rode in many parades and facilitated many trail rides.

Booker T rode into Heaven with his horses leading his funeral procession in 1990.  His prized Missouri Fox Trotter, Sunshine's Blue Diamond, led the team wearing his silver saddle.  Booker T was laid to rest across the street from Booker's Dude Ranch at Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

The original facility tragically burned down and the facility that is now standing is the renewed version with even more space and facilities.  The facility is now rented out  for various adult and family events.

We are continuing his legacy through Booker's Dude Ranch.


Provide a safe place for people to gather without threat of harm and celebrate the beauty of the country life as our ancestors intended it.

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