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A.Bookings are NOT complete until application and deposit have been received by Booker's Dude Ranch.

B.MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Chasaty Rainer or Michael Rainer only. Checks made out to Booker's Dude Ranch will not be accepted. Cashapp, credit card, and cash are also accepted. Checks are only accepted from Business Accounts.

C.Events must be approved and accepted by Booker's Dude Ranch before a date is booked.

D.Total Fees for Bookings are due at least 31 days prior to the event. If fees are not paid, booking will be cancelled and deposit will not be refunded.

E.$300/day deposit is required to book any event. $75/event day is retained for processing and booking fees whether you cancel or not. $225 is refundable after the event and will be returned to you (if requirements are met as stated in the Rental Policy 2022.002) up to 10 days after your event is over.

F.Valid Photo Identification is REQUIRED for all rentals. Renter Must be over age 21. You assume full responsibility for the event when you sign the rental application/agreement.

Violation of Truth Policy 2022.003:

If you state that your event is of one type and it is discovered that it is another, your fees will be forfeited and event cancelled immediately. If alcohol is served at your event and you stated that it would not be, your event will be cancelled and your fees forfeited. Just Be Honest.

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